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Who's running the show?

The Executive Team


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Technical and Marketing Officer

Eiri Mina

Manager Media Division

Aztru Nom

Manager Online & Content Division

The Online & Content Division

Jack Spade

Host & Content Creator
Online & Content Division

Cyne Burg

Host & Content Creator
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What do we do?

What does Pinoy Cosplay Podcast do?

We do

This was the original purpose of PCP, to do cosplay livestreams and podcasts to serve as an alternative to conventions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns of 2020. Our hosts invite guests from all walks of life to share their insights on our chosen topics.Our shows include:> Specific cosplay and cosplay-related topics
> Gamer Dayz
> Notice Me Senpai (on hiatus since January 2022)

We cover events
and do vlogs!

As COVID-19 subsides and live conventions are slowly making a comeback, we have attended and covered some on-site cosplay events:We have been Official Media for a number of events in both the Philippines and in Australia, in addition to attending and covering events in a non-media capacity.A list of events we attended will be available on a later page.

We engage with
the community!

We invite guests from all walks of life, and from all over the world, to be part of our livestreams and event coverages.Christian Banas is the English VA for Thoma (Genshin Impact) and he was a special guest for our Genshin Impact 2.0 Live.Xayah Winters is a cosplayer from Bacolod who now lives in Australia. She joined our PCP Down Under and PCP Video Game Nerds livestreams (and has now joined our team)!Our 2022 initiatives involve featuring cosplayers on our livestream (similar to iBilib), and inviting gamers to join us on our PCP Gamer Dayz.

Past projects

These are all the gigs we've done ever since starting in 2020.


List of livestreams we've done

Media Coverages

List of events we attended as Media Partners

Topical livestreams

Show nameAir dateHostsGuests
Why should you Date a Cosplayer?19 February 2023Aztru Nom, ReynGelo, Reg, Umi, Rinco
Content Creation 101 with Gank21 January 2023Korin, YuriManic Pixie Dani, HippoChii
PCP 2022 FOR THE RECORD: Throwback16 December 2022Aztru Nom, Nickster 
Art Night Under the Sea24 September 2022Jack Spade, Cyne BurgSvile, Rinco, Calemonsi
Relationships with a Cosplayer: The Good and the Bad20 February 2022Rey, ShemzKeiza Usagi, Ran Mustang, JL, Chad
PCP Video Game Nerds9 January 2022Korin, CodyMuranagi, Drefan, Xayah, Anghelo
PCP Christmas Party19 December 2021MuranagiKorin, Cody, Nickster, Yuri
PCP Down Under28 November 2021NicksterXayah, Knaix, BlueTala, Jaykyu
All Grown Up! (Adulting in the Cosplay Community)14 November 2021Eiri, YuriRhys, Kyo, Jeyel, Loki Heart, Lix Tsu, Karlone
Idols in Anime and Video Games10 October 2021Yuri, NicksterShemz, Kiku, Mitsuru, Mika, Innisho
PCP After Dark (Kalat stream)27 September 2021Reyn, Aztru NomAi Natsumi, Ichigo Usagi, Scarlet Skye, Gabo, Cody, Pomponmy
Con Along With Me: International Conventions5 September 2021Nickster, CodyYuri, Hana Ichigo, Sharivan, Kumiko, Anya, Ping-Ping
Genshin Impact 2.0: Exploring Inazuma22 August 2021Aztru Nom, KorinChristian Banas (Thoma's ENG VA), Bernard Jude, Aya Pie, Koukina, Yuri
Voices Out! Seiyuus and the Voice Acting Profession25 July 2021Korin, CodyAnghelo Haru, CMKC, Hariyuki, Misako
PCP 1st Anniversary Celebration27 June 2021  

Livestreams earlier than 27 June 2021 will be added later

PCP Gamer Dayz

Show nameAir dateParticipants
Darktide Rising (Warhammer 40K)11 February 2023Keiji, Marc
There is one #PCPFam Among Us! (Among Us)4 February 2023Keiji, Reyn, Aoi, Khalil, Azu, Nickster, Jack, Cyne, Choji TV
Warning: DMZ Ahead (CoD Modern Warfare)8 January 2023Keiji, Marc, Gunburn
Genshin Impact Windtrace3 January 2023Aztru Nom, Jack, Cyne, Khalil
Phasmophobia7 August 2022Keiji, Marc, Eiri, Nickster